“I started working with Denver…four months later…I walked in and told my doctor I was pain free and canceling my surgery…”

Four years ago, I had back surgery to correct a spinal stenosis (pinched nerve). I decided to have surgery, because I was in so much pain. I had pain when I walked, sat, drove my car, slept, basically anytime I moved. I gave up running and participating in mini-marathons. I gave up taking walks in my neighborhood. I could barely get up and down the flight of stairs to my basement.

After surgery, I started rehab with a Physical Therapist. Recovery was very slow. It took almost a year before I started feeling like myself again. But, unfortunately, staying pain free only lasted two years. So I scheduled an appointment with my doctor (back surgeon) to find out what was happening. Bad news. I had a nerve that had become pinched at a different level. I knew what the pain could develop into, so the doctor and I decided to schedule another surgery.

I wanted to get in the best possible shape I could before surgery by focusing on my core so my recovery would be easier, faster, and with fewer setbacks. This is where Denver comes into the picture. In August 2016, Denver worked out a program for me to do just that. He set up a program to strengthen my core and work on balance while understanding the physical limitations I had. While working with Denver, I realized that I had to take care of other needs as well. It wasn’t just about the exercises, but about food and nutrition. I needed to concentrate on all aspects of my life.

Four months later in December 2016, I went to my pre-surgery appointment for the back surgery that was scheduled for January 2017. Can you imagine the reaction I got when I walked in and told my doctor that I was pain free and canceling surgery? None of his patients had ever done that before, especially when I had not been using any drugs to relieve the pain!

I continue to work on my exercises with Denver at his studio and at home. I am stronger, have better balance and coordination, and have changed to a much healthier nutrition. I love being able to do the things that pain-free people take for granted. I can play with my grandchildren again and don’t worry when I want to pick them up and hold them. Thank you Denver!

-Sandy Paris

“Your teachings have helped me become the person I am today… I’m now confident in myself, have inner peace…and have the tools to handle my life.”

“Thank you so much for a wonderful experience! I remember coming to you for the first time essentially a broken person who was ready for change. Your teachings have helped me become the person I am today, both mentally and physically. I’m now confident in myself, have an inner peace I’ve never experienced before, and have the tools to handle my life in a disciplined manner. As I start Curiocity Homes, I know that your influence and teachings had a large part in helping me take necessary steps to find happiness and appreciate what life has to offer. I wish you the very best of luck in the future, and I look forward to seeing continued success stories from Advanced Fitness Coaching!”

-Seth Carter

“I have lost 16 lbs…I no longer have any shoulder pain… and can now keep up with my preteen and teenage children!”

“I have always had to be careful of what I eat in order to maintain my weight. When I got into my late 30’s and 40’s I found myself gaining weight despite eating very little. My energy was low and I was feeling very discouraged. When I tried to work out on my own, I had pain in my shoulder and did not feel like I got any results. In August 2014, I started working out with Denver at Advanced Fitness Coaching… Denver teaches you ways to transform your life. You don’t just go and exercise, you learn healthy nutrition, stress management and how to make healthy lifestyle choices.

“For the first time in my adult life I don’t diet. I make healthy food choices to give my body the nutrition it needs to function at an optimal level. I am eating more food than I have ever eaten and have more energy than I have had since my 20’s! I no longer have any shoulder pain. I am much stronger and able to move and function better in my activities of daily living. I feel like I can now keep up with my preteen and teenage children!

“I have lost 16 lbs., 5% body fat, and have went down 4 pant sizes! I have even noticed that my hair is getting thicker and my skin looks better!

“I would highly recommend Denver to anyone that is ready to invest in their health. If you are willing to do the work and make the changes necessary to improve your health and life, I am confident Denver can help you. He makes a very specific plan to help you achieve your goals. There is no cookie-cutter plan that works for everyone. He listens to what your goals are and gives you ways to achieve them. Denver is always supportive and holds you accountable for whatever choices you are making in your life.”

-Bobbi Prose

“I now find it enjoyable to workout…”

“I found out about Advanced Fitness Coaching after being referred by a friend. From the very first consultation with Denver and Laura, I have been nothing but pleased. I look forward to every session and each time come closer to the goals I want to obtain. Denver always has a positive, motivating attitude, and is incredibly knowledgeable about fitness, exercise, nutrition and what it takes to lead a healthy life. I now find it enjoyable to workout. With the help I have found at Advanced Fitness Coaching, I am reaching the goals that I have set for myself. I continue to look forward to the partnership I have found with this great team.”

– Davlina Ramsey

“I’ve lost 10 pounds… I have more strength and my energy level is up considerably…”

“Initially I thought I was in pretty good shape, but have come to realize I was not. Working with Denver twice a week for the past 5 months has been transformational. My diet, habits and exercise have all benefited from the time we spend together.

“Denver is able to help me work toward my goals by developing a plan that is tailored specifically to me and my ability. He does an excellent job of communicating expectations and keeps me motivated through positive feedback.

“The biggest tangible changes I have noticed is the way I feel and how my clothes fit. While I have lost 10 pounds, the inches around my waist have decreased even more significantly. I have more strength and my energy level is up considerably. I can tell my core is much stronger and the positive effects overall have been my flexibility and stamina.

“Denver is very positive, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and passionate about his craft. He is always prepared and looks for new ways to help me achieve my goals. He keeps our time fun and has a great sense of humor. I look forward to our sessions and consider my desire to exercise more as the most significant change.

“I recommend Denver to you if you are looking for true positive results in your physical ability and long-term solutions to living a life which includes the good habits to help maintain health and well-being.”

– Brian D.

I would recommend Denver if you are looking for a complete life change and for someone to guide you… I have loved every minute of working out…”

Denver has been able to help me by creating workouts specific to me. I knew what I wanted to lose and the areas that were important to me, but the movement screen helped open my eyes to more things that I needed to work on such as strength and how all of the body works together. He didn’t just give me exercises – he created a total body workout that helped me achieve my initial goals and more!

Some of the biggest changes I have noticed is that my waist has definitely slimmed down, and I have toned all parts of my body such as my arms and legs. My biggest change – strength wise – has been with my push ups; my strength in my arms is stronger and my core is much stronger as well.

Denver is very professional and attentive to your needs. He supports and encourages you. He is always positive in helping you achieve your outcome and makes you want to push harder! I would recommend Denver if you are looking for a complete life change and for someone to guide you in what exercises would be best for you and your needs. I have loved every minute of working out and feel sad when I have to miss a session.

– Kelly Evans

“…more confidence…improved strength…my clothes fit better! Denver makes it fun and is an excellent listener…”

“If you are looking for a workout experience that encompasses the complete you – not just physical improvement, but also mental and emotional well-being – then I recommend working with Denver. He listens to what I want to accomplish and creates a workout experience to meet those goals. He also educates on how to better understand body movements for prolonged health. The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning work with Denver is more confidence in my body movement and improved strength; I have also lost inches and have noticed a more toned body – meaning my clothes fit better!

“Denver is very interested in helping me achieve my goals. He’s easy to work with and is an excellent listener. I cannot imagine not working out and seeing Denver each week. While my workouts are challenging, he makes it fun, and I look forward to our sessions.”

-Kim S.

“…challenging and enjoyable, and I began to notice results after the first couple of weeks. I especially like Denver’s level of enthusiasm… his overall approach includes suggestions on how to be a better all-around person…”

“I have been working with Denver for 8 weeks now. His knowledge of physical training was evident to me from the very beginning as he performed a thorough intake session, assessing my current condition and determining what my goals were. He then educated me on the finer points of getting started on a course of muscle building and strength training while also making suggestions on the mental, emotional and physical aspects of personal growth.

“The exercise regime is both challenging and enjoyable, and I began to notice results after the first couple of weeks and have been steadily progressing under Denver’s guidance. I especially like Denver’s level of enthusiasm and his thorough explanations of the exercises. His overall approach includes suggestions on proper food intake, the importance of rest and recuperation and ideas on becoming a better all-around person.

“I do not hesitate to recommend Denver to anyone who has a goal of improving their physical strength, mental well-being and overall life experience.”

– Richard B.

“I have noticed increased flexibility and less back pain…”

“Denver is helping me to achieve my goals by creating a customized workout for me based on my back issues. Since working with Denver, I have noticed increased flexibility and less back pain. Denver is very motivating and fun to work with. If you are looking for someone who can help you get back in shape without fear of getting hurt, then I recommend Denver. He always takes your physical limitations into account. And he takes a personal interest in you as a person.”

– Janet H.

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