Life Coaching

Life Coaching with Denver HudsonYou have a life. You have goals. And you have a desire to become the best YOU that you can be. Right? Have you ever thought about working with a life coach to support you in achieving those goals and becoming a larger expression of yourself?

Life coaching is a powerful service that helps you build a STRONG FOUNDATION for your self and your life. It’s about developing the mindset and practices necessary to “dance” with life in ways that work – and work really well. It’s not just about fulfilling goals, but – more importantly – about building the personal resiliency, adaptability, compassion, and strength you need to achieve goals and live life to the fullest.

Could you benefit from Life Coaching? Below is a partial list of some of the reasons people seek life coaching. Do any of these describe you?

  • I need to learn to stand up for myself.
  • I want to take better care of myself but not sure where to start – or how to keep going.
  • My life is way out of balance – and I’m ready to change that.
  • I have important goals I’m ready to pursue. I need to work with someone who believes in what’s possible and can help me to stay on track.
  • I’m stressed out and really need to get my life in order. Where do I start?
  • The pressures of everyday demands have weakened the relationships that really matter to me. I want to turn this around.
  • I’ve achieved a lot in my life and yet still feel unsatisfied. What’s next?
  • My life just changed dramatically. Big changes ahead. It feels like I’m starting over, and I’m not sure how to do that.
  • From the outside, my life looks great. But on the inside I’m struggling to find meaning and purpose.

Let’s face it, living in our quickly changing world is not getting easier. There are lots of challenges and uncertainties – and more coming. And in this environment, we still have a life to live. A family to raise. A career to build. A purpose to fulfill. So, learning how to live well in a rapidly changing world is important if we are going to enjoy and maximize the potential that our lives hold.

I (Denver) would be delighted to explore the possibility of working with YOU as your life coach. I’ll create a safe and open space in which you can explore new possibilities, share your deepest challenges, experiment with new actions, and stay focused on living what matters most to you.

How would we work together? Coaching can be delivered in person (if you live in the Terre Haute, IN area) or through technologies such as Skype, webinar platforms, or simply through the telephone.

Life Coaching with Denver HudsonCoaching sessions are generally 30 – 60 minutes in length (depending on our agreement). During our coaching conversations, we focus on you, your life, and what you are working to achieve and become. You’ll walk away from each coaching experience more aware, more at choice, and more trusting of yourself, others, and life. Simply put, you end up with an expanded freedom, power, and ability to live today and everyday with greater effectiveness and to achieve goals that really matter to you.

Between coaching session, you’ll be asked to complete “fieldwork” that we’ll design together during the coaching session. The purpose of this fieldwork is to create movement in your life – movement toward your goals and aspiration. As you enter the next coaching conversation, we’ll discuss the fieldwork, your experiences while completing it, and then move forward from there.

Next Step?

If something here has sparked your interest, then we invite you to contact me (Denver) to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation. During this time, we’ll discuss your goals, the challenges you are facing, and we’ll explore what it would look like to work together. You’ll walk away with a direct experience of the power of coaching, of being heard, and of knowing deep within that what you envision for your life is possible.

Contact me today and let’s get started: or by phone at 812.236.5780. I look forward to speaking with you!