Personal Services

At Advanced Fitness Coaching we offer a whole-person, whole-life approach to fitness. Our services are fully customized based on your personality, life situation, unique challenges, and specific goals. We are much more than exercise program designers; we are teachers and coaches. We offer a unique, “advanced” approach that provides you with the mindset, skills, and practices necessary to transform not only your health, but your entire life.

PERSONAL FITNESS TRAINING – Ready to move and feel better? Lose weight? Build strength? And gain confidence? 
We offer our professional fitness coaching at our distraction-free Fitness Studio in Terre Haute, IN.

Our personal fitness training services are designed for individuals who are seeking professional coaching and education to achieve real results and who do not like the typical “gym” environment. You’ll receive personal instruction on proper ways to exercise, how to eat for better energy and fat loss, how to stay calm and composed while under pressure, and ways to be more confident and resilient in every day life. Every step of the way, you receive a customized and personal experience from a coach who cares about you and your life. When you work with us, you have exclusive use of the fitness studio during your session. There are no mirrors, no loud music, no stench, and no gazers! Click here to learn more about our Personal Fitness Training Services.

LEADERSHIP RESILIENCY FITNESS COACHINGLooking for an effective way to expand your leadership resiliency and effectiveness while getting in shape?

As you know, the increasing demands of both work and personal life can result in several challenges like overwhelm, high levels of stress, poor health, ineffective leadership, marital problems, and ultimately burnout. Leadership Resiliency and Fitness Coaching is a unique blending of fitness training, health coaching, and  leadership development coaching that expands your leadership capacity and impact through direct, experiential learning. Click here to learn more about our Leadership Resiliency Fitness Coaching Services.

LIFE COACHING – Ready to Achieve Those Important Goals You’ve Been Putting Off?

You have dreams and you have goals. The main purpose of life coaching is to help you turn your goals into reality. Life coaching is all about you, who you want to be and become, and what you most want to achieve in life. You’ll be challenged to think differently and discover for yourself what works best for you. You’ll gain clarity around your values and goals, discover your strengths, overcome barriers, strengthen boundaries, make better decisions, improve relationships, create support teams, learn new skills, and enhance your ability to navigate successfully through everyday life – all in the pursuit of living what is most meaningful and important to you. Click here to learn more about our Life Coaching Services.