Our Mission

What is the Mission of Advanced Fitness Coaching?

Our mission is to create and nurture learning environments designed to empower individuals and groups to envision new possibilities for their lives, develop the necessary fitness and health to fulfill those possibilities, and to become creators of a healthier world.

The health and fitness industries today are plagued with quick-fix promises that ultimately leave people discouraged, exhausted and stuck. It is not enough to just lose weight and build bulky muscles, or relieve the symptoms of pain and dis-ease. We must develop and fully engage in a new understanding of health and fitness that encompasses one’s whole self, one’s whole life, and our whole world.

As part of our mission, we are committed to creating a new conversation about what it means to be healthy and fit in a modern world. This is a conversation that speaks to the deepest parts of who we are as human beings. It’s a conversation about what it means to be physically fit, mentally healthy, emotionally mature, and spiritually enlightened. It’s a conversation about what it takes to be responsible for our lives, and how we can generate and sustain the health and vitality we need to create a life based on what matters most to us individually and collectively.

We take an approach to health and fitness that goes beyond the image-driven, high-intensity, taste-before-nutrition, pill-popping, profit-driven approach we see in our world today. We take the position that people are hungry for and ready to move into an approach to developing fitness and health that supports them in skillfully navigating their lives and that facilitates the fulfillment of their deepest desires.

To live our mission, we are taking a stand for your health and well-being. We promise to be a space of acceptance and an on-going invitation to live the most extraordinary life you can imagine. We commit to facilitating experiences that empower you to optimize your health, feel connected and belong, utilize your greatest gifts, and pursue your unique way of making a difference.

We welcome you to Advanced Fitness Coaching!

Denver and Laura Hudson

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