Who We Work With

We work exclusively with individuals and groups who are passionate about creating optimal health as a way of life. Our clients are not interested in faddish quick-fix “solutions” that are more about selling supplements, exercise equipment, diet plans and books, and 90-day programs. Our clients are passionate about learning the skills, practices, mindset, and ways of living that create real and sustainable results.

Our clients are real people who are ready to engage a comprehensive health and fitness plan that honors their unique personalities, positively impacts their whole life, and fits into their busy lifestyle. Many of our clients do not like the traditional gym environment and are seeking a more personal, inspiring, and distraction-free experience.

Several of our clients are professionals who recognize the vital role that health plays in their professional success and the success of their organization.

Are Some of These Statements True for YOU? 

  • “I have tried over and over again to lose weight, and frankly I’m quite frustrated. I’ve tried many of the diet programs and have had some successes, but no real lasting results. I’m ready for something that works!”
  • “I dislike the typical gym environment. It’s noisy and intimidating. I’m looking for a place I can go and really focus on getting healthier without all the distractions.”
  • “I can easily get started with an exercise program, but that enthusiasm quickly fades. I start and stop and basically don’t get anywhere. I could use some guidance and support to keep going!”
  • “I really want to like my body, to feel comfortable in my own skin. I see all of those models on the covers of the fitness magazines. A part of me wants to look like that – but is that even realistic? I just want to be healthy and have lots of energy to do the things that really matter to me.”
  • “I’m a professional under a lot of stress and really struggle with finding the time to take care of my health. I’m beginning to feel the effects of the stress both at work and home. I need a health program that fits into my busy schedule and helps me to create the resiliency and energy I need to excel in my career and personal life.”
  • “I often find myself overeating when I’m stressed out. I know I shouldn’t eat to cope with stress and other life issues, but I don’t know what else to do.”
  • “A lot of the fitness and nutritional information from the ‘experts’ confuses me. I don’t know what is true and what is fluff. I really want to improve my health, but where do I start?”

What Does It Take to Succeed in Working with Us? 

We don’t work with everyone. Simply put, we work with those who are willing to take 100% responsibility for their health and well-being – and who are willing to put in the time and effort needed to achieve real and lasting results. Yes, we recognize that creating healthy habits and practices includes a lot of challenges, and we recognize you may have a history of failed attempts to transform your health. That’s no big deal to us; what truly matters is that you have a strong desire and commitment to doing what it takes to achieve the results you desire.

Your success depends on your willingness to CHOOSE to be the author and creator of your health and life experience. To be successful, you will need to:

  1. Be open to learning new things.
  2. Be willing to let go of things that no longer work for you.
  3. Be willing to schedule time for your exercise and coaching sessions.
  4. Apply yourself fully to your customized exercises and practices.
  5. Engage in some simple health practices throughout your day, and
  6. Speak with us openly about what is and is not working for you.

Now that you know the kind of clients we work with, some of the issues we help them resolve and what our clients need to do to ensure their success, click here to learn more about HOW WE WORK.