Our Guiding Beliefs

To transform your health and life, you must take 100% responsibility for it. True, there are things beyond our control when it comes to health (e.g. environmental pollution), and yet we believe strongly that in order to transform and maintain optimal health, one must first take responsibility for it and the conditions that impact it.

Every person and organization is unique and therefore requires a unique approach. We recognize that what works for one person or organization won’t necessarily work in the same way for another. We take the time to get to know you, your preferences, your aspirations and your challenges and co-design a program based on this understanding.

You are what you have practiced, and you become what you are practicing now. The practices you engage in everyday are moving you toward optimal health or taking you toward illness and dis-ease. A vital part of our work is to help you become aware of your practices, support you in letting go of those that no longer serve you, and work with you in designing and integrating new practices that will transform your health, relationships and life.

One’s state of health is foundational to everything else. Our level of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social, financial and environmental health determine what is and is not possible for us individually and collectively. As we learn to create optimal health individually and collectively in these various domains, we become empowered to create collective health in the groups and communities of which we are a part.

Age does not have to be characterized by getting fat, stiff, sore, and immobile. We hear over and over again the harmful way of thinking that says that as you get older you should expect to get fat, stiff, sore, and restricted in your range of movement. We do not agree. Our work is a commitment to working with people who desire to remain healthy, free in their movement, and enjoy a life characterized by vibrant energy directed into life-enriching service in their organizations and communities.

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