How We Work

How We Work - Advanced Fitness CoachingOur number one priority is to create a relationship with you characterized by mutual respect, mutual trust, freedom of expression, and fun. We know that many people – perhaps you – are hesitant and often nervous about starting a new exercise program, going after a goal that really matters to you, or creating a new way of living. Our real-world experiences, combined with our professional training and commitment to living what we teach, bring a level of expertise, wisdom, and deep honoring into our working relationships.

We offer professional personal fitness training and health coaching services. We  recognize that a number of people do not enjoy the typical gym or health club environment often characterized by loud music, walls of mirrors, people gazers, large and intimidating machines, and unpleasant odors. We take great pride in creating an inviting and pleasant environment in our fitness studio in which you receive personal attention, instruction, and coaching without the distractions. This allows you to focus entirely on your goals.

Not interested in personal training or not in the Terre Haute, Indiana area? Not a problem. We offer many of our coaching services over the phone or through the convenience of the internet using technologies such as Skype and webinar platforms. The way we deliver our services to you depends on your goals and learning preferences.

Getting Started with Us

We take great pride in designing a customized health coaching program specifically for you. Here are the steps we take in making that happen:

  1. No-Cost Consultation – We begin by offering you a no-cost consultation. During the consultation, we get to know you, your current situation, your challenges, and your goals and aspirations. We also answer any of your questions about our services and explore how we could work together to fulfill your goals and overcome your challenges.
  2. Fitness Assessment and Movement Evaluation – If your goals include losing weight, getting in shape, or improving your physical mobility, then the next step is to complete a fitness assessment and movement evaluation. This gives us the specific information we need to design a customized program based on your current level of fitness and the goals you are wanting to achieve.
  3. Program Design – Based on the results of 1 and 2 above, we then create your customized coaching program and health practices.
  4. Learn the Program – We then teach you the specifics of your program, establish accountability, create support structures and work with you to integrate it into your everyday life.
  5. Coaching – As you engage your program, we offer on-going coaching and support both in-person during training/coaching sessions, through email and texting, and through our website.

To schedule your FREE Consultation, please contact Denver (for Personal Fitness Training and Life Coaching) at 812.236.5780 or contact Laura (for Essential Oils and Natural Healthare) at 812.208.4964.

When you work with us, we become a commitment to your success and fulfillment. We work with you personally to co-create a program that is right for you. Imagine having your own fitness trainer and professional coach who is 100% committed to empowering you to transform your health and life. That’s what you’ll find when working with us.

Expected Results

We focus on you as a whole person living a whole life, so you can expect to enjoy desirable and sustainable benefits that reach into ALL areas of your life including parenting, intimate relationships, and career performance. When you work with us and fully engage yourself in the training and coaching, you can expect the following results:

  • Physically, you’ll have an expanded level of energy, physical stamina, and freedom of movement.
  • Emotionally, you can expect greater balance, reduced stress, increased resiliency, and an expanded ability to connect with others.
  • Mentally, you’ll enjoy greater clarity of mind, an increased ability to maintain focus, and a capacity to receive and embrace new, life-enriching perspectives.
  • Spiritually, you can expect to experience a stronger sense of purpose and integrity that will allow you to live your life with less struggle and effort.

Obviously, the specific results you achieve will be based on the goals you set for yourself and your willingness to stay engaged in the learning and coaching process.

Now that you know how we work:
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