Denver J. HudsonDenver J. Hudson
Certified Fitness Trainer & Movement Coach
Certified BioForce HRV Pro Trainer
Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified
Certified HeartMath® Coach
Certified Functional Aging Specialist
Personal Health Coach
denver@advancedfitnesscoaching.com – 812.236.5780

My passion for fitness and healthy living began very early in life. In my early 20’s, I started what is now INTERMAX, LLC, the parent company of  Advanced Fitness Coaching and AFC Essentials. Since 1993, I have been involved in helping individuals and companies to improve their health, relationships, and performance. Advanced Fitness Coaching is the culminations of many years of personal experiences, professional experience, cutting-edge training, and a growing passion to leave this world healthier than I found it.

I believe firmly that the quality of our lives and what is possible for us individually and collectively begins with our state of health. Everything that we are and hope to be requires our health and vitality to make it happen. It’s simply that important. And I stand as a commitment in this world to help individuals, groups, and companies to enjoy a higher level of health so they can live into their highest potential and create a world that works.

My professional qualifications and certifications include: Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Certified BioForce HRV Pro Trainer, Certified HeartMath® Coach, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified, Certified Functional Aging Specialist, Certificate in Ontological Coaching, Certificate in Holistic Fitness, Certified Training Consultant, and Certified Holistic Stress-Management Specialist. I believe in on-going professional development and maintain an ambitious Professional Development Plan.
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Laura and I both are excited to be working together and to be offering a service that helps you transform your health and life so you can your life to the fullest.

Laura J. HudsonLaura J. Hudson
AADP Certified Health Coach
Essential Oils Educator
laura@advancedfitnesscoaching.com – 812.208.4964

Many people struggle with body image issues to the point of over-exercising and going on restrictive diets only to over-eat after being unable to maintain the strictness of their program. This was my experience. Not only did this affect my physical body, but my emotional state and my experience of life. I decided that I wanted to help others avoid this very painful and self-destructive cycle. I turned my passion into a service for people; I became an AADP Certified Health Coach and Essential Oils Educator.  As a result of my on-going education on the effective use of essential oils, my studies at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and my life experiences, I work to successfully help my clients create health and balance in their own life.

I have enjoyed exercising for years.  I am happily married to a truly amazing man, and I am blessed with a wonderful and healthy son.  We enjoy biking together, playing kickball and creating special moments together as a family.

David G. HayesDavid G. Hayes
Background Motivator

My name is David Hayes. My parents are Laura Hudson and Jamie Hayes. I have a step-dad named Denver Hudson. I am a very active boy. I love to golf, bowl, hang out with my friends, etc….

My mom and step-dad love to exercise and sometimes we all work out together. My dad likes to ride bikes, listen to music, fix cars. I love to see him, hang out with him, and play with him.

When I was born, I had a very low oxygen level. I soon recovered. Otherwise, I was normal. My parents are very nice people. They love me and care for me.

At Advanced Fitness Coaching, I am the “background motivator, patience teacher, monitor, and helper.” So I have a great job!

Advanced Fitness Coaching is a proud member of the Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce.
Advanced Fitness Coaching - A Proud Member of the Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce